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Niche: Clothing

Spent: PKR 18,761

Revenue: PKR 158,890

Website ROAS: 8.47

Offline Sale: 103,400

Net ROAS: 13.98

Strategies Implemented:


Consideration #1 Intuition:

50% Off on this worthless product seems fine but doesn’t that sound more like a cliché?

Suppose, you have 2 cases here:

You’re buying an outfit for yourself.

“Psst.. hey! how’d you like to see yourself in Lime & Burgandy on this Eid-ul-Fitr?”

You’re buying an outfit for your spouse.

“Same old wife on this Eid Day but something to change the scenery this Eid with this new outfit?”

“Surprise her on her birthday with this mesmerizing Lime & Burgandy just arrived!”

50% Off, 70% Off, 90% Off, NOTHING WORKS when you have to buy an outfit ANYWAY!

Consideration #2 Research:

There are a lot of saturated products in the market. If you want to go traditional in your ad copies you need to check your competitors’ ads. Go to the Ads Library and see how they are selling their products. It would give you a lot of data to compile and filter and finally come up with a master ad copy. 

So let’s jump into the Ad Level. No surprises here, you’ve read all the valuable stuff above.

Used all the images in 3 different Carousel Ads with different interests and let the winning ad work wonders.

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