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6+ ROAS with Google Ads in High Competition (3 months stable data) 

Niche: Dog Beds

Target Market: US

Total Spend: $1.36k (May)

Total Revenue: $8.35k (May)

ROAS: 6.13


  1. Started off with a single Search Campaign on this new Google Ad account with 5 different Ad Groups under a single campaign with a budget of 25$ per day (you can call it CBO).
  2. Each Ad Group contained a single idea about the niche like: Washable Dog Beds, Handmade Dog Beds, Luxury Dog Beds, Branded Ad Group etc.
  3. By doing this brainstorming and then leaving it to Google with Manual CPC, I started getting conversions on an Ad Group. Observed it for a few more days and seemed like this one was the only working Ad Group so turned off everything else due to limited client budget.
  4. Now, we were at 3.5 ROAS in the first month. So, I decided to set up retargeting campaigns and it helped us in getting more conversions (mostly were View Through Conversions – VTC). We closed the second month at 4.5 ROAS nearly.
  5. Now, for the third month, we had enough data to shift the campaign on Target ROAS strategy, so we did that and observed a really good shift in ROAS as it jumped to 6.13.
  6. Screenshot of the full set-up is also attached to get an idea of what set of campaigns is needed on Google Ads to cover the entire customer journey.

Note: Constant weekly/bi-weekly optimization was required to achieve these results which include keeping a check on keywords, audiences, demographics etc.

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