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Generating Healthy & Profitable Sales In Google Ads

Niche: Skincare
Total Clicks: 30.4K
Market: Pakistan
ROAS: 10.19

Started running Google Ads for this brand from scratch and started out with the following campaigns:

  • Dynamic Search Campaign
  • Separate Search Campaigns For DIfferent Categories
  • One High Budget Campaign For Best Seller From Facebook Ads
    These were the simple steps I took to get the account up and running from day 1 and start
    getting sales, along with deep keyword research about the products and brand.
    How I maintained the sales to be consistent.
  • Rule number one is to never make big changes in the account when your campaigns
    are learning, so Google is a slow and steady process.
  • Increase 20-30% budget after 4-5 days only if your campaigns are producing results.
  • Uses the audience lists, this is the most common mistake most people do in Google
    Ads, they never utilize the audience lists which bring in a great chunk of sales.
    I have managed to get sales only from using Search Ads until now, so you can have an idea
    of how much more sales this account can get by using other campaigns as well.

Apart from Search Ads for scaling, the following can be used for better scaling, which I’ll also be using:

  • Display Remarketing
  • Performance Max Campaigns
  • Utilizing customer lists in smart bidding campaigns

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